crocop ufc announcement.....

i'm sorry but i'm a little drunk , and a lot of annoyed (and i havent seen any other threads yet for tonight).....but i watched ufc 66 at a bar tonight, and was seriously so excited to see the ufc announce the addition of girlfriend and i are huge mma fans and have been talking about crocop to the ufc for weeks, and when they announced it, i let out a huge whooo, and it was like crickets.....i feel so out of anybody else super excited about this??? i know you all are, and i hear about all of these fringe ufc fans that don't know sh*t....but tonight was my first real experience with it....nobody even cared, and to me, that was the biggest part of the night....crocop to fight in the ufc feb. 3, this is gonna be great....please somebody share in the joy with me!!!!!!!!

same here I'm fucking hammered and pissed off that they didn't bring him in for an interview

no doubt.....not even a pic during the ppv?

not even a pic

They weren't going to show a highlight clip of Crocop fighting in Pride, that's for sure.



true, and it will be wierd to see him in the octagon for sure, but goddam if i wasn't so would've been nice to at least see a highlight, pic, something...just something other than a f*ckin croatian flag graphic w/ crocop's name set into it....this is such a big move in the mma world, and 90% of the people don't even know

Yeah, the only showed Rampages HLs against Lindland. Dana has sure worked hard but it seems also like UFC fans dont deserve a CC...

["...pissed off that they didn't bring him in for an interview."]

Crocop's not much of an interview guy.

from a business prospective, i guess its good to not show too much form other organizations, but i just really want the leamans' (sp.) to know about crocop, i'm pumped.....and goin to bed....g'nite......see you all tomorrow for shockwave & ifl

I was way excited, my buddy was sitting next to me watching the fight and when I got excited about Crocop he looked at me and said. "Who's Crocop?"

I almost smacked the guy, he's always talking about what a big MMA fan he is.


I was watching the PPV with 20 TUF fans and I was trying to tell them how big it is that Cro Cop & Rampage are in the UFC and instead everyone was wondering when Chris Leben was fighting.

they SHOULD show a highlight of him in pride.. all the people he is knocking out are still pride fighters..

Im with you. I am totally stoked he is coming. The verification of him coming was in a way more exciting than the Ortiz-Lidell fight.

who will be his first fight. will he step right into a title fight

Crocop v. Eddie Sanchez - feb. 3rd

"Will Tim shart again?"

He already did.