Crocop vs Gonzaga SPOILER!!!

Gonzaga just knocked CROCOP out with a high kick


he dominated the entire first round, herb dean stood them up

gonzaga caught Mirko flush with a high kick and knocked him out

holy jesus he isnt kidding

simply put: LOLWTF??+


WOW! im distraught

Cro Cops knee may be ruined too from the fall

the knee did look bad at first

but it wasnt broken, Mirko walked outta the cage, wasnt even limping too bad

hopefully hes ok

im still in SHOCK!!!

It's kind of Ironic, don't ya think?

man there is a lot of crow and humble pie for Napao haterz to eat now.

It's like waking up up and finding Mike Tyson won by armbar against Rickson.


wow it just seems like. up is down and down is up recently

...waits for the Pride nutthuggers to start making excuses.

I think the UFC has been proving that they were always the dominant organization.

remember randleman's KO of cro cop? he suspected g&p from randleman, and bjj from gonzaga. got KOd both times. kind makes ya think that maybe gonzaga's camp studied some tape.

Napao definitely studied tape, especially the Mirko/Fedor fight. He trains around here, so I've written a couple articles on him for the local paper. His boxing coach told me they saw some things in the Fedor fight they could exploit, namely trying to throw off Mirko's lefty stance.

Congrats, Napao!!! As his trainer said the other night on Countdown "There will be a big celebration!"

Knew he would win but KO holyshit i train at marcos so good shit.


i know man, his leg was turned the wrong way, looked nasty

i was surprised when i seen him stood up talking to Rogan and then see him walking outta the cage

Is napao a chute boxe guy?

Whos leg was bent the wrong way.


CroCop. When he went down. His foot was pointing one way, his knee another and his hip another.

No idea how he was uninjured