CroCop vs Hunt?

I'd have to go with Hunt in that one.

there are lots people who have stood and traded with cro cop

It would be a good fight but I'll go with Cro Cop. He already beat Hunt in K1.

CroCop wouldn't have the nice big gloves to defend with if they fought mma.


I think if anyone could take a CroCop high kick, it would be Hunt.

But I'd give the edge to CroCop in just about every aspect of the fight.

Hunt hitting Cro Cop with MMA gloves equal disaster for Mirko. That fight may showcase the unthinkable: Mirko shooting.

HELWIG is correct.

Mirko is still much faster than Hunt, and in a standup fight at Mirko's pace, with Pride rounds, Hunt would gas.

crocop by sub

Cro cop won a decision... and he landed a flush head kick that Hunt stood back up from. He also backpeddled the whole time.
The small gloves would hurt Mirko.

But It'd be good.

Everyone is forgetting one thing........Cro Cop's weak chin/glass jaw. Factor that in w/ Hunt's IRON chin and Cro Cop could be in trouble.

I wonder if this wouldn't end up a crappy grappling match because they end up cancelling out each other on their feet. Like the opposite of Yoshida/Gardner.