crocop vs jon jones

How does this fight go down, Both are the same size?

Jones takes him down and well the rest doesn't need to be explained Phone Post

What if section. Phone Post

Better question: 2003 CroCop vs. today's Jon Jones? Phone Post

See Vera vs Jones. That is all.

LOL. You guys is funny.

Jones certainly could win this, but it's not really a good matchup. Cro Cop is bigger, and isn't easy to take down... not to mention Jones can't haphazardly close distance when he feels like it.

Oh... and those legs vs. those leg kicks.

Mirko is done, but in 2005 Jones gets Corey Hill'd

I wouldn't mind if we started seeing him fight other past legends. Phone Post

In the case of a prime Cro Cop I think he would destroy Jones. Besides being extremely hard to take down he was even harder to keep down so in my opinion CC would end up dominating Jones standing.

As for the current version of Cro Cop he is a completely different person so who knows, this is a retarded thread and matchup of two different weight classes (regardless of how much he cuts) anyway.

JJ by atomic destruction

I think you've all missed out hearing about Crocop coming back free from injury and distraction in 2011. This will be the best Mirko yet!

how about dan henderson vs jon jones ?