Crocop vs Kharatinov: Who would have won?

Who would have won if this got made in Pride?

Crocop was an assassin back then, and Sergei was a beast as well.

Who wins and how?

In their prime Sir Gay would have been annihilated.


Mirko by KO Phone Post 3.0


Sergei was too hittable. The LHK would land at some point. Phone Post

Crocop blasts him


Today? Kharitonov. Phone Post 3.0

This would have been a very interesting fight. Too bad it never happened.

Kostakio - CroCop

Today? Kharitonov. Phone Post 3.0

. Phone Post

Mirko by ko Phone Post 3.0

Sergei is/was one of my favorites but he tended to plod around the ring blocking with his face, which probably wouldn't have worked out well vs CroCop back in PRIDE.

Cro Cop kicks his head into the 5th row

Depends on who landed first. Sergei has to be one of the hardest punchers out there.

That said, Mirko was faster & more explosive. I think he takes this...

All My Holes Overflowing With Jones' CREam - Mirko got knocked out by Frank Mir...

Sergei via heinous smelling salts needed KD.

LOL, that wasn't PRIME Cro Cop...That older, much MUCH slower, vastly more beat up version of Cro Cop couldn't even do his left high kick after he blew out his right knee post Gonzaga.

I think CroCop is the obvious choice here? Phone Post 3.0

^^ Yep. Prime vs prime, Crocop takes Sergei out 8, 9 times out of 10.

Sergei hits hard and has decent boxing, but he's a plodder.
Prime Crocops movement would have been too much for him.