Crocop Will be back better..

Mirko "CroCop" Filipovic Will be back stronger then ever. Look how he rebounded after the Kevin Randleman fight, he went 13-2, with one loss going to Fedor and the other a questionable split descion to Mark Hunt. I mean the guy won the OWGP, give him a break let him recover and I gurantee he'll be back better, faster, stronger, and smarter then ever. He signed a five fight deal with UFC, that means he has three left, MY moneys on Crocop coming back better then ever.

My money's in some Strippers bank account after last night.

He always comes back strong. He doesn't get all down over a loss like some guys do, he gets all pissed off after a loss.

Yep, We'll get a few more highlight real worthy moments from him. That's for sure.

"Fedor looks like he wants to stay in Bodog and fight Eric Pele types"

Lets hope not. His manager being present at UFC 70 was a good sign

"Tim Sylvia will retire him after his next fight if he they want to set that up."

I really disagree with that, in fact just the opposite, CC will put Tim on the backburner. The days of a dominating Sylvia are gone. Ricco and Mcgee were about 4 years ago, since them Tims changed his fighting a lot (and arlovski was dropped with an uppercut), and it might sound cliche but he is fighting not to lose instead of fighting to win. I believe CC would beat Sylvia in a dominating fashion...Could Tim catch CC with a big shot and get a win, sure but i wouldnt bet on it

and whats with all the Crocop hate? Before the KO he was #3 or 4 on everyones top 5 HWs, now Tim Sylvia is gonna retire him??? Come on now, i know this is the UG but thats pretty bad even for us

lol at poke and hope Sylvia beating Cro Cop.

Despite of all the trolling, Gonzaga will likely get abused the next time he fights Cro Cop.

Yeah because Silva, Barnett, and Yoshida sure are cans...

"I am allowed to voice my opinion, I called for Napao to win, bet on it, including money and my screename. I brought the truth to the UG before that fight, I will continue to expose the blind to the harsh realities of the fight game."

You also picked Leben and Franklin to beat Anderson Silva lol.

You picked Napao to win by KO in the first round? Eitherway it won't happen again. Cro Cop will kill him the second time around.

"Cro Cop should kill Tim Sylvia....on paper.
But Arlovski should have too."

Thats because Arlovski has and always will be grossly overrated. Minotauro who has almost zero punching power at least dropped Werdum twice. Arlovski danced for 3 rounds.

I dont know if hell ever be better after that shit!