Crocop's body kicks and uppercuts

What a badass. Did he land at least 3 body kicks to the left side of Silva? I
remember he took one of Fedor's training partners down with that kick.
(Megnadov - sorry for spelling) Was it an uppercut that made Josh go

Need to watch it a couple more times after work to review the brutality.

Magomedov - Yeah that kick was brutal. He picked apart Herring with it too..

and that sets up the head kick. I think you need a forearm about 4 feet long to fight him, so you can simultaneously keep your elbow over your liver, and your hand up around your head.

Yeah, you can see Silva flinch with his hands going down towards his
body as Crocop lands the high kick. It looks like he hit Silva with round
part of his ankle. Like a hammer to the head.

the fight with magomedov was one of my favorites. the fight wasnt all that great, but magomedov was talking mad shit about crocop. saying that no croatian poses a threat to russian fighters, and how he would finish crocop before he ever got to fedor. then crocop lands that brutal liver kick and magomedov drops like a rock 2 seconds later and quits.

His left hook to the body is also really nasty, standing or on the ground, makes me wince just to watch it

Mirko fought awsome in both fights. He has very underrated hands, and it was good to see him let them go last night. In some of his past fights, he seemed aprehensive to throw his hands, probably in fear of getting taken down. He must be getting more confident in his takedown defense/ground game.

In a rematch against Fedor, if he lets his hands go more and uses body kicks, he'll have a much better chance of winning, although I'm not sure that it will be enough.