Cronenberg's "Shivers" getting remade

I love the original of this film. Cronenberg at one time was my fave director by far (I still love his early work)...

David Cronenberg's Shivers is Getting Remade
Retelling expected to begin shooting in February 2014.

According to Shock Till You Drop, Rie Rasmussen (Human Zoo) will direct the Shivers redo from a script by Ian Driscoll (Smash Cut). The original movie was Cronenberg's first feature effort.

In the new film, "a genetically-engineered strain of parasites that turn people into violent, compulsive sex-addicts is released into a self-contained luxury apartment complex. The resident doctor attempts to find a cure before the infected, nymphomaniac inhabitants spread their legs – and the parasites.The new Shivers will be updated for today's social and sexual realities. In a post-HIV world, where people interact through screens rather than skin, the parasite breaks down those digital barriers."

Loved the original.
Hope this doesnt spoil any childhood memories. Phone Post

I have never heard of Rie Rasmussen or Human Zoo. At least they aren't remaking Videodrome.