Crooked Commissioner

Anyone else play in a fantasy league with a commish they don't trust? Dude has tried I change points mid season on me before. Tries to change rules shorty before or after draft. I don't understand how people stay in this dudes league. I just backed out because in a 12 man league drafting this Sunday he's trying to take a vote now to change the league from 1qb 3wr 2rb to just 2wr. He can't understand why I'm dropping out.

Because you just Voided our contract bro. Phone Post 3.0

Vote no then drop out last minute unless they change the rules back. Fuck em real good. At least he is taking a vote though right? Phone Post 3.0

Btw apparently there's been an "open dialogue" on this for weeks in a Facebook group for the league. I am not aware of or included in the group or these discussions. I never got to make my case or whip my votes, and now he doesn't understand why I don't just go along with it. Phone Post 3.0