Crooklyn's account frozen? Why?

Please PM Crooklyn to explain why you would do such a thing.


PM me and I will pass it along.

shame on the rouge mod if this is true

I hate that motherfucker!!

You'll have to kill me before I go silent rougue butthole!!

this cant be true. Why would she be frozen? Shes done nothing wrong.


Freeze me too assholes!!!

oh really


Her account was hacked???

Ha Im pretty sure know we all know who this mod is.

Just checked. She was frozen for 48 hours :-(( That's a DAMN long time to freeze somebody like her for something like that, if it's true :-(

I love that woman.

NELSON I know u didnt freeze but can u unfreeze her please!

ttt for cool MOD Nelson to unfreeze her.

This is what Crooklyn has told me:

It was Chainsaw Jackson that posted the thread

She posted a comment asking if he needed to be re-blued.

she thought he was posting that he was turning into a mud-namer again

Free Crooklyn!! (that was me, not her)

"Crooklyn is blond. And HOT. And certainly great BREEDING STOCK."

She bleaches and she isn't that good looking. Besides, good breeding
stock is also about intelligence and she types in alternate caps.

this is bullshit...unfreeze her

NELSON will unfreeze her if he is up.


She must have thought Chainsaw Jackson was wigging out, and tried to help to stop the wigging out.

I saw the "N*****r" thread. It was very difficult to know what was going on, other than that CJ was trying to get deleted in a demonstrative, over-the-top way.

Looked to me like she was thinking something might genuinely be wrong with CJ, another human being.

Unfreeze Crooklyn!!