Crosley Gracie?

I was pretty impressed with Crosley Gracie at the last Bushido and I was wondering where he fit in the Gracie family tree. Anyone know any more about him?

I believe he is Rodrigo's cousin, which would make him Royce's cousin...

He's Rodrigos cousin. His father is Rosley Gracie, who's a son of Carlos Sr.

The best Gracie family tree you'll find is at

how much does crosley weigh?

how about sakuraba/rodrigo?

Sakuraba v. Crosley would be a very good fight.

The Cros is f fuggin pimp in the ring, he would be the man to take Sak out..I think he walks around between 180-90

Crosley is about 205 naturally.

Does Crosley still teach for Ralph Gracie in Dublin?

"Crosley is about 205 naturally."

lol. Crosley is not 205.

I see him at tournaments and he looks like hes 205. Whats he weigh naturally?

so hes not pure water. that explains why hes one of the better gracies :)

I saw him fight in Oakland at a muay thai show and he was an absolute moron. He tried to throw the guy out of the ring and then when they restarted the fight he went right back and did it again. After he was disqualified he then proceded to yell and howl raising his arms in the air like he had won the fight. What an ass. I for one will root against him anytime I see him fight.

vsionquest> that was Stockton not Oakland unless he did it twice.

I heard Ralph kicked him out and told his guys not to talk to him anymore. I wonder what happened? Seems Ralph is a hot head that ends up fighting with everyone.


rav21- where did you hear that? Is that true? Do you train at ralphs?

Stop starting rumors. Its the internet, what can you expect?

Anyways, I don't even think Ralph is that crazy so as to tell his students who they can and can not be friends with. That is a bit insane, isn't?

maybe that is far fetched..

however if crosley isnt at any of ralphs academies, maybe there is some merit to what rav said.

my bad it was stockton.

Markpal, are you confirming that Crosley is no longer with Ralph's? Is so, why did he leave?