Cross-Train in Judo/Wrestling 1x a week

Here's the scoop. I can only train max of 4-5 x a week. Most often it's 4x a week. My Judo is terrible and wrestling is just a little below mediocre.<br /><br />I've been advised to cross train in either Judo or Wrestling. Would I be able to learn enough with just 1x a week training - is it worth it or am I spreading myself too far apart? I've been told it would help my top game and guard passing tremendously.<br /><br />During my competitive Muay Thai days, I would always train boxing 1x a week to work on my punches. It made sense since we always throws punches to set up kicks and vice versa. I don't know if this logic applies much to BJJ competition since I, myself pull guard during comp.<br /><br />Any advice with personal experiences would be greatly appreciated.

Tell us more about your competative muay thai days. Phone Post

huh? What's the relevance?

Typo: meant cross train in either Judo or Wrestling.

Bro, you compete muay thai?!? Phone Post

Retired amateur. I'm turning 34. Done.

Amateur? That's like an Olympian? Phone Post

Judo is like yoga, good to do a class once in a while just to check out the pussies.
Wrestling bro... Phone Post

Nah. 6 fights.


Judokas? Pussies? Have you ever rolled with a skilled one? I wouldn't even dare say something like that.

Doing either judo or wrestling one day a week will be helpful. You're already grappling a few days a week, so you'll get the opportunity to practice judo and wrestling oriented stuff in BJJ. If you train more in the gi, I'd say go with. The concepts of grips and off-balancing will translate really well. More of a no-gi guy? Wrestling control, positions, and escapes will help no-gi.

One day a week is better than nothing. Just don't get injured in your x-training. Phone Post

Thanks Jarring. I think I'll be doing Judo then.

I started taking Judo lessons 6 weeks ago from Shin Kim in Northern VA. Great teacher. I go every Saturday and I can honestly say I have learned a ton. I have always liked standup to a certain degree but there was so many little things I was missing.

We have mostly concentrated on base and grip fighting and it has helped me on the feet and in bjj. Phone Post

My only concern is the 1x a week training. I doubt if Ill be able to absorb much. BJJ in itself requires a lot of mat time just to get mediocre. I feel like Im spreading myself out too thinly at this stage of my development.

2x judo 3x bjj would be a good split. Try find a judo club that teaches very good ne waza. Phone Post

Do judo for judo's sake and BJJ for BJJ's sake.

Starting to judge everything you learn in one art on how it would work on the other is a quick way to never improve.

I've been doing Judo 1x a week for 5 years now.. i'm not as good in judo as some of my judo only buddies, but i'm a heck of a lot better standing than a lot of my BJJ guys.

Judo is not only throwing.. there is the whole gripping thing that everyone never mentions. You can fuck people up with just your grips....

If you are going to be training in a gi then judo hands down. No-gi I would recommend wrestling. Ever BJJ student who came to our judo class improved his standup game and top ground game. More so his top ground game improved. Standup so-so since the stances/postures in BJJ can negate an average standup game. Plus you can compete in local judo tournaments to help improve your standup game if you wish. Tournaments are the only real way to test youself and improve your judo game.

I think once a week will help. If nothing else you'll be more comfortable starting from standing. Phone Post

Better than nothing,
ive done judo once a week for some time now, it has helped me tremendously.

At the very least, youll learn how to defend yourself on your feet. That can give you the advantage at the start of the round.

Thanks guys. Much appreciated.

i'd pick the one that has best technical instruction.

if that's equal, i easily pick wrestling. i think judo is harder to pull off w/out a lot of practice and training. wrestling will translate in GI and No Gi quicker than Judo will.

and i've done both. i tried out Judo at an olympian's and wrestling at a very strong club. by far the wrestling made more sense to me... i'd stick w/ judo if i was going to immerse myself in it.