Crossfit Cartoons

2 Crossfitters, 1 Chalk Bucket

Part 2

Crossfit or Seizure?

Crossfit Indoctrination

Crossfit part doosh


Funny that CF people like these videos because they think they are absurd and ridiculous.

I find them a little ironic.

Lofland aren't you just a little concerned Ring Girl's gonna
be out for reparations?

RIP June Carter Lofland

Hilarious vid's BTW

what program are these videos made with?

LOL. Not every cf gym is like that but some people are way too into it.

Ring Girl doesn't have nearly enough piercings and tattoos to be a real Crossfitter.

I actually did two slow drive-bys past one of the local Crossfit affiliates in Austin this week to see what the deal was with it. It looks like it's in an old gas station. They had the garage doors open and were working outside in the driveway. Most of the women I saw were young and very hot. They didn't have any obvious ink and were modestly dressed for their workouts. If I could actually do one pull-up, I would join and pretend to drink the Kool-Aid just to meet them. I did hear the trainer guy yelling something macho at them, though. For now, I think I'll just go back to Gold's Gym and find a seat at the back of the spinning class.