Crossfit Pull Ups?

I was watching a few videos on Crossfit's website and I was wondering if any crossfit instructors or members explain the type of pull up you guys do. What I was noticing is that a sort of swinging motion to help you body perform the pull up is used vs. performing the pull up from a dead hang. Just curious as to why and which is more beneficial? The pull up from a dead hang or the explosive manner in which I saw crossfit members doing? Just curious. Thanks.

Jumping and clapping pull ups are fun as well.


Cool! So when you're doing a workout the perscribes 50 pull ups, would that require the pull up to be a kipping pull up?

Cross fit has some cool stuff! I want to get crossfit certified so bad. I have to wait until I'm done with my personal trainer certification.

Thanks for the tips guys.

jjay - It's up to you whether you want to do kipping pullups or not, if it's not specified. But by default, most CrossFitters will do kipping pullups due to the shorter cycle time in comparison to dead hang pullups. Pretty much, if you CAN kip, and it's not otherwise specified, then kip! Kipping helps develop coordination and turns the pullup into a whole body exercise and adds a cardio element as well.

Hope you can make it to a CF certification someday -- they are a great experience and I make it to as many that are in the SoCal area as I can!