crossfit question

I have a unique question regarding crossfit.
Basically i am looking to do strenght and conditioning 3 times a week and fight training(bag, work, mma sparring or grappling technique) 3 times a week.

But cross fit has workouts for about 5 days a week, which means i will have to skip workout, are the workouts designed to be performed sequentially, or are they very random and should i just pick up on cross fit days and its ok to skip some of them now and then.

Thanks for your help

The crossfit default is 3 on 1 off. Its what the WODs' follow on the main page, and what many crossfitters follow. Yes I am sure the workouts follow some sort of periodization scheme and alternate the workouts according to some plan. I havent heard much about it, except it is common for a metcon day, a strength day, a metcon day, then rest.

Given that, many crossfit affiliates and crossfitters follow there own schedules and workouts according to their needs. From my experience (about 5 months of crossfit) it wouldnt be a problem for you to follow it on your own as long as you dont neglect any aspects of training. Such as your weaknesses, or something you dont like, such as pull ups perhaps.

I am sure you could get some great responses on the crossfit msg board itself as well.

The idea behind CrossFit is that it is "seemingly random" - there isn't a periodization scheme or a "leg day" or any of that stuff.

If you need to taper leading up to a fight, that's up to you to control, the workouts won't do it for you. Same as if you need to work CrossFit into an existing training schedule, it's up to you to make it fit -- 3 on 1 off is how the website works, but you can make CF work any way you want.

My suggestion for combining it with martial arts training is to try to keep the training on opposite ends of the days if you're doing 2 a days. Or alternate the days you do martial arts and CF. Make sure somewhere in your schedule you have genuine rest days where you do NEITHER activity and allow yourself to recover.

Also, as mentioned, make sure that since you'll be picking and choosing your workouts that you aren't avoiding weaknesses in doing so.

I just heard about CrossFit and was checking out the website...this looks pretty kick-ass!