crossfit Toronto!

Question for you on behalf of a friend who does the workouts at on his own.

They need to know the proper form for pull-ups, push-
ups, and squats as per crossfit.

They are concerned about some of the forms being shown on the American home page.

I was asked to find out from you.. if you can help out.

(also.. I will most likely be at your club next week..and I'm looking forward to it! )


Shelly, we would be happy to look at your friend's form. Just have them drop on in and we can spend a few minutes checking things out. You are both welcome to come out to a couple of classes, too.

No can do. :( He lives in the states. I think he was looking for another place that has vids? If thats at all possible.

I've been to your club before (I'm Scott's sister) :)

Yes, we have KBs on site for sale. Just drop on in during any of our scheduled classes or give us a call.

Little One,
LOL! Whoops, i forgot who you mentioned you posted as. Sorry! Ah, we don't have any instructional vids, however there are a couple of ways to go about this. Drop me a note and let's discuss offline.

haha.. no worries. :)

you have mma mail!

little one, here is a link to clips of most crossfit exercises that you can give to your friend in the states:

CrossFit Toronto, tnx for having me last saturday. you guys rock!! hope to see you guys again sometime soon.

yeah.. he has that link.. he's asking for more specific instruction.

Thank you though!!! I appreciate it. :)