crosstraining: bjj or wrestling

What is more important in your guys opinion? Whats better to cross train in if you are already training judo (have already paid for it so not doing judo is nto a option). Crosstraining for future mma matches and also just cross training for the street, which one is better?

**If the other thread came up im sorry.. i put in judo instead of wrestling by mistake!**

In my view your training plan should be decided by your goals.

If you want to do MMA, that is primarily no-gi, therefore Wrestling would be useful.

On the street, BJJ may teach you some useful things, but the chasm between learning and implementing is wider than a lot of people think.

If, however, you're really into Judo and just want something different but essentially similar to broaden your horizons etc, then BJJ would be a good choice.

IMHO Honestly, given the scope of Judo, I don't know why anyone would really need look elsewhere if your club is half-way decent.

im lookinmg elsewhere only cause my club trains 2 x a week. I need to train more than that i look forward to every tues thurs and when wekends come around im dying needing to train in somethin

Which do you enjoy more? Throwing or groundwork? When you know this the answer should be obvious.

i enjoy newazza but i can't see how thats obvious? both bjj and wrestling are groundwork.

I train at tora judo (canada)... there is both a good bjj club and a good wrestling club within driving distance.

Sorry but BJJ and wrestling ground work is completely different and wrestling is mainly known for it's takedowns. Seems obvious to me, if you enjoy throwing more than groundwork, take the wrestling or vice versa.

isn't bjj groundwork all in the guard whereas wrestling groundwork is more aggressive and related more to judo than bjj groundwork?

I always knew wrestling was known for its takedowns but i always thought of it as a very strong form of groundwork too?

p.s aren't the takedowns you do in wrestling totally different than judo? Throwing someone grapping their lapel and shooting in to pick someone up seem like totally different games. The reason i don't like throws at the moment is because i am not used to the motion of the feet and hips required for the throw (steeping in with right foot and sliding left foot in etc)

"I always knew wrestling was known for its takedowns but i always thought of it as a very strong form of groundwork too? "

I'd have to disagree with that. Wrestling experience does help you exert pressure and balance in groundwork(all of which you can get in judo), but I think that has a lot more to do with the fact that wrestling is a tough head to head sport. It developes balance and to some degree comfort on the ground, but if your intentions are to do MMA, then wrestling as a skill set won't improve your groundwork. This is why all of the great wrestlers in mma have to learn bjj to improve their groundwork. To do it right purely on a groundwork perspective, bjj is your best bet. Just wrestling for groundwork will give you bad habits that leave you open to be submitted, you won't learn guard passing or anything related to the guard, which is important or submissions. I can't honestly say that I believe there is such a thing as effective wrestling groundwork in the context of submission wrestling or mma, because to do it the most efficient way, you have to ignore most of the reflexes that wrestling would teach you.
Although if you're doing it just for the wrestling takedowns, that would work for you. My suggestion is judo/bjj as a mix. You can always throw in some wrestling style takedowns in bjj class when you're sparring to try to work on them. Judo is already teaching you throws that you can later adapt to no-gi grips and clinches, and as an added bonus it won't teach you any bad habbits along with your takedowns like wrestling would.

also, no bjj isn't just in the guard. bjj covers being on top as well as on bottom in much more detail than wrestling. You can see this by watching the developement of the MMA wrestlers out there. When they first came into mma, wrestlers would have a hard time passing a good guard. They would lay and pray and spend most of their time in someone's guard, but would have a very hard time finishing someone with a good guard defense. Now we're seeing the wrestlers cross train in submission wrestling/bjj/whatever a lot more, so they're developing their guard passing and refining how they countrol their opponents from on top. These are the mma wrestlers who are really tearing people up like couture, tito, hughes.

Learning precision takedowns whether they're wrestling or judo take a LONG time for most people, but learning good groundwork for your goals can start a lot faster. So again, I say stick with judo/bjj.

i was onyl goin to take wrestling for its takedowns. I just thought it was good for groudnwork as wlel but that was not my intention (takedowns were)

Like I said, if you enjoy throwing more then take wrestling. Nobody seriously thinks BJJ has good takedowns.

i think my judo club must be different than alot of other judo clubs. Cause in our groundwork it seems alot more like wrestlig than bjj. Thats the reason i was confussed for why you were only suggesting wrestling if you liked throws. Also one of my reasoning for takin wrestling over bjj atm is because you can always start bjj at a older age, whereas wrestling is harder to get into once your older. And the takedowns you learn are a most for mma