Crotch rockets?

Who here has one? I really want one, but I dont think I could trust myself with one. I mean, I know I will speed with it, whats the point of buying one if you're not, plus it would tempting as hell to outrun a cop. I'm still thinking of getting one a few years on down the road, I cant afford much right now. Anyone got any good stories? Fastest speed? Outrun a cop? Who makes the best bikes?

::waits for spin::

pocket rocket,IMO.

serious thread bros. Make a spin if you want, keep it to serious crotch rocket dicussion plz.

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Jaw dropping

I just cant imagine doing a wheelie at 130 mph. Crazy shit.

I can't stop watching.Never seen a needle rotate so fast.

There are two words I think of when I see that...DONOR CARD.

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Kinda gay video, I got nothing against cops. Fuck, he completely loses them in like 30 seconds. Insane.

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::pops a wheelie::

thanks man

been a member at for years even though I rarely make it there anymore...I think big_slacker was a member there too(could swear I saw him on there when he got his bike)

start off with a smaller cc bike that won't kill you nearly as easily and build some skill. honestly nothing at all wrong with an older katana or ninja. there is really no reason for a new rider to even think about a new R6 or any of the other factory race bikes.

Check out the SuperMoto bikes.

Probably more fun in a city than a track replica, wheelie/stoppie all day, fast and light, and outhandle any other bikes around tight city stuff.

Here is a cool KTM

or check out the SM 610 over at

thanks guys. Would you say 500 cc would be a good noob bike?

if you want a sport bike, yeah a 500cc ninja would be fine. you can get full fairing kits for it. there is also a GS500F(I think that is what its called)...a suzuki...fully faired bike that looks pretty good

how many ccs? Top speed? I'm not really looking for anything at the moment, just curious. I'd probably want my first bike to be something smaller, not too small though, manuervable, but something that can still hit pretty high speeds.