Crowbars MMA Stuff

Belt is autographed by Couture and Liddell.

very cool...

I have the belt but no auto's :(

Very nice crowbar!!! How did you get the Pride sticker, or did you go to it?

Man, now I'm gonna have to dig out my stuff, take picsĀ & put it online so I can post it.............

sheesh, see what you started?

thats it??

lol jk

Arias I have tons more stuff.Its just not from the UFC.

Please remember that all my stuff I have,I went to that event.:-)

I have a bunch of IFC,WEC posters and Laminates.



I got the Pride sticker at KOTC.

When I said that all my collectables that I have,I went to,I shouldn`t have posted the Pride sticker,because obviously I never have been to Japan.

Sorry if I was mis-leading