Cruz: 'I'm gonna whoop his bum'

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                                Cruz: 'I'm gonna whoop his bum'

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 He's going to be throwing them bumgalows. 

And.... New UFC BW Champion... Urijah Faber!!! Phone Post

Twinkle Toes 2.0 takes this...

Faber by Bows from guard. Phone Post

I got Cruz in this one Phone Post

I don't want to split ass hairs here, butt it sounds like he says butt

Nahh he will get tapped once again Phone Post

Pernicious - I don't want to split ass hairs here, butt it sounds like he says butt

 He is.

UG News Faels AGAIN!

Looking forward to the fight. Cruz takes it this time by decision

Body Shots - And.... New UFC BW Champion... Urijah Faber!!!


Both guys are great fighters, but I think Cruz has improved a LOT since their first fight-- he wasn't even training full time back then-- and is going to put a clinic on Faber. Cruz is just a better athlete, and now that he has more experience, I expect it to look a lot like the Jorgensen fight.

Stoked for this one!!

I got Cruz.

Thems fightin' words. Phone Post

Capital good bit of humor Pernicious. I'll take Cruz if anyone is feelin' an sm bet with a mud. Phone Post

Cruz is going to get eaten alive lol.

Like Cruz and Faber but Faber is better.

This fight is gonna be off the hook, two of the best in the division having a long awaited rematch. I got Cruz in this to avenge his sole loss to Faber. Too much speed and footwork for Faber to handle imo. Like them both but gotta pick one and Cruz is my pick.

I want to say Faber wins this fight, but it almost seems like he's past his prime. But maybe that's just because that Aldo fight is still fresh in my mind and Aldo just toyed with him.

Faber vs Cruz take two...its going to be good, Faber is smart and he will probably be the calmer of the two...experience is on his side I think and he could win it..

I wouldn't be surprised either way though.

Can't stand Cruz's style for some reason, hope he loses.