Cruz vs. Johnson

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                                Cruz vs. Johnson

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Title Fight Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson Vs. Dominick Cruz
Fight was scheduled for 5 rounds (5x5x5x5x5) - Fight was for the Bantamweight Title
Name Demetrious Johnson Demetrious Johnson
Height 5′ 3″ (160.02 cm)
Weight 135 (61.23 kg)
Record 12-1-0
Team AMC Pankration


Name Dominick Cruz Dominick Cruz
Height 5′ 8″ (172.72 cm)
Weight 135 (61.23 kg)
Record 17-1-0






To Be Decided


Fastest fight ever in the UFC, both guys r so speedy Phone Post

Cruz!! I hope he gets a finish though!! Phone Post

 I hope Johnson learns from the Faber fight.  Initiate the grappling and strike on the exit.  Don't give Cruz a stagnant object to hit or come straight forward at him.  Good luck to both fighters, this will be exciting.

 mighty mouse via headkick

mighty mouse gets my vote

Cruz wins by entrance music :) Phone Post

 he just defended his belt in july

pretty soon to fight again, guess he likes $

only a 68 inch reach for cruz? didn't they give faber a 70 inch reach?

I might have an epileptic seizure just watching this fight.

 Wow, Johnson is really making Cruz work hard tonight. Very competitive so far.

Dom's really gotta keep them hands up. Phone Post

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a fight on our hands.

Close, but 10-9 Cruz for ground control.

Mighty Mouse pace, NO CAN HANDLE.

 Cruz take this fight lightly and train accordingly or something? He seems exhausted in there and usually he is fresh after 25 minutes.

Cruz probably stole the round with the last 30 seconds, but I had DJ winning before that. 10-10

I got 2-0 Cruz, but I think the tide will turn in 3.

Looks like 2 squirrels fighting over a nut

Johnsons gonna make the domin8r earn this Phone Post