Cruz: What fighters can learn from McGregor

Cruz: What fighters can learn from McGregor


In combat sports it has traditionally been easiest to sell the heaviest weights. While mixed martial arts have proven to be more complex, it is still harder to sell the lightest weights.

Jose Aldo, Renan Barao, Demetrious Johnson, Gilbert Melendez, and Anthony Pettis are all stars, but none has quite broken through to the casual fan.

However, no one told Conor McGregor, and after just two fights in the UFC, he is earning an unprecedented degree of media attention for a featherweight.

Among the millions who have noticed is former UFC and WEC Bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz.

"Really, it's just like anything else," Cruz told Shaun Al-Shatti. "You hear what other people say and you take other people's constructive criticism, and add it to what you do until people like hearing what you have to say. And they either like it or they don't. Everybody likes hearing what Conor McGregor has to say. It's funny, he's clever, he's got a nice accent and he comes in and he always dresses sharp. All that together creates something that people want to watch on TV. It's entertainment.

"Fighters need to remember that we're in the entertainment business. And that comes from giving an interview, all the way to the end of the fight. The more entertaining you are through and through, from beginning to end, however you choose to do it, the more people are going to want to tune in, and the more butts you're going to put in the seats. That's something that all of us can take from a guy like Conor McGregor."

"He just doesn't care. Conor just doesn't care. You kinda gotta have that. That's what makes this sport fun.

"Conor McGregor has his own of doing things and it's made him extremely well-liked. Everybody wants to see what he's going to do from there. And more power to him, because he's doing exactly what he needs to be doing to get these fights that he wants."

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Truth. Love Or hate him, you want to watch. Phone Post 3.0

Choke that fooker out Cole.

Cruz is on point. Conor is very entertaining. Her's no dummy. He knows how dangerous the top guys are but he also knows there is a small window of opportubnity and he's gonna make the best of it.

torquemada - Truth. Love Or hate him, you want to watch. Phone Post 3.0
Not really. He's subpar on his shit talking skills, his fighting skills.. Eh when he beats someone in the top ten, wake me up. Phone Post 3.0

The first thing Aldo, Barao and any other Brazilian monster coming down the pike need to do is Learn Freakin English!!!!

As great as Anderson was he cost himself tons of money by not doing this.

I will never understand why these guys do that to themselves. You fight and make your money here why not open your marketability up?? Phone Post 3.0

hendofanforlife -
RyannVonDoom - 
torquemada - Truth. Love Or hate him, you want to watch. Phone Post 3.0
Not really. He's subpar on his shit talking skills, his fighting skills.. Eh when he beats someone in the top ten, wake me up. Phone Post 3.0

lol @ this faggot. yeah who wants to watch someone thats finished 9 out of their last 10 opponents and would have last time but he blew his knee out being exciting. lol,  you rep that lame ass 4 whorsewomen shit. i for one, cant wait to watch shanyas next fight to see her get demolished.  same concept as op

Really? He's mediocre at best with his shit talking abilities, when he starts beating top ten guys i'll actually watch. Sorry that you fall for the subpar bullshit falling from his mouth.. Atleast chael, ronda, shayna etc know how to work the mic.

And you talk shit on shayna? She's consistently fought the best of her division, can mcdoucher say the same? Nope. Phone Post 3.0

Conor will get subbed at home in front of his fans and it that will be that

I love listening to this guy. He's up there with Chael when it comes to trash talk. He comes with prepared lines just like Chael too.

That's one thing the best trash talkers do that no one mentions. They actually work on their lines. They come up with funny things to say long before they get said.

People say the UFC needs to market fighters and build new stars but when they try then those people shit on them for it and say they want to see fighters who beat top ranked fighters and complain about Matt Brown headlining watered down cards.

You want them to promote fighters and build stars but complain when they do and refuse to support those fighters saying you only are interested in the big names you recognize. Lol.

Cruz is right. I didn't care for Schaub or Kennedy but after hearing them on the joe rogan experience and getting to know a little about them and their background it totally changed things. Fighters need to promote themselves. Wins in the ring are fine but connecting to fans on a personal level through personality goes a lot further. Phone Post 3.0

"What Dominic Cruz can learn from Conor McGregor"

He's an ex Champ and TV pundit and no one knows who he is. Phone Post 3.0

I was all for Conor Mcgregor, til I realized he only had two fights in the UFC and started believing his own hype. His shit talking consists or, quoting Drago from Rocky, talking over people, and some rhymes. He just got to the UFC, different caliber of fighters, (Not to ever discredit Holloway). The champ, and Ranked #1-7 in the featherweight division, will smoke him if Cole doesn't do it first.

Between not shaking Luke Barnatt's hand, and getting angry at Cole, seems he can't take any shit talk back.

He's nothing like Chael. Chael's backed most of it up, and no one cares if he gets destroyed by Jones,or Evans, whoever, and goes right back to character in his next fight. It's so absurd, no one thinks he's serious (well, except Brazilian fighters). Conor gets smoked by the division he claims he'll destroy,and no one will care anymore.