Crypto: HOT TIP

Miami has launched their own coin. The mayor is quickly transforming the city into a crypto and technology hub. Just bought 10,700 MIA coins on OKCoin for $300. I see this coin shooting above $2 real soon. It’s currently at 2 cents! This has a ton of potential, read the article.

Sidebar: The miami mayor is one to watch. 43 years old, innovative, smart, and a fan of crypto.


Any other platform to buy?

Not that I know of. OKcoin is super simple to sign up and link a bank account. The article doesn’t mention any other options.

For later

How do I buy coke with it?


I was trying to set this up but they want my Username and Password to my bank account? WTF, is that normal?

That mayor is doing some pretty cool things to attract tech businesses there.


It’s the plaid thing. That’s normal, what sucks is that I have a joint account so it won’t even accept my account


What do you mean by a ‘plaid thing’? I want to buy some crypto but have never been able to get past the bank account thing.

Plaid is the encryption program. Lots of crypto sites use them to link to your bank account

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If the city of MIA has a deal with okcoin, i’m sure they have vetted the bank account connects. Do your own research if worried.

I recommend anyone interested read the article in it’s entirety.

What stood out to me: Tech companies are moving there in droves. So are their employees…and that means they will have a good base of people that want to see this succeed. They are also rolling out this “city based” coin in other cities.

What I see happening is businesses may offer discounts for those that pay with the coin. The businesses have incentive to take the MIA coin because they can avoid the credit card fees which can total thousands of dollars a month depending on what your sales are.

I’m sure an enterprising drug dealer will take MIA coin over the interwebz




Heads up Okcoin will not link your bank if you are in Texas. You will have to use other forms of payment.

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Pump and dump, suckers left holding the bag of bitcum.

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Just a hunch or do you have something to add to the conversation?

Take the five minutes to read the article. If you aren’t a complete retard you’ll buy some.

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