Crypto: HOT TIP

Yeah, the whole interested 5 people are really gonna help me push it to the moon! You have uncovered my sinister plot! I would have gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for you meddling neckbeards and your little dog

I now have 18,000 coins- and woulda bought more but they are limiting me to $200/day

Shooting for 200k or more.

If MIA coin pops up on coinbase or binance or kraken, or all, I can see it jumping.


the yield comes when you earn STX by stacking MIA and then stacking the STX for BTC, no?

In for pictures of Conor with the mayor

You think you can influence 5 people? Lol

Tried getting in on it, my fuckin small time bank isnt on the list unfortunately

Does anybody have a invite code?

Trying to get into ok coin now

I didn’t need one…what are you seeing?

? OKCoin was one of the easiest to get started with- definitely easier than Voyager.

My MIACoin is dipping, while everything else is surging :worried:

Prepare for lift off. I hope everyone got in early.

Guy on reddit says he just received his rewards. 336$ of STX for stacking 40k MIA for 2 weeks.

I think that would be around 22% APY. What was he suppose to receive?

I’m not sure

If you send ME your I’d and password, I’ll buy it for you. :wink:

STX having a nice little run. Hovering around $2.50, not too far off from it’s ath. Pretty decent volume on binance.


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Got my first payout for staking my MIA, about $750 worth of STX. I wish I was smart enough to work back the numbers so I could see how the payout compares with the estimated payout I committed too… alas I’m a dumbass. Staked the STX at a 10% payout in BTC. Is nice I will be able to compound the MIA rewards and get BTC back.

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