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just siged up and made account if any other CS player are on there let me know?

Dude, ESEA can be really toxic. I played ESEA as a Nova 3 and when I mentioned I was Nova3 the team tore me apart, even though I held my own.

However, after a few weeks of playing on ESEA i got WAYYY better and almost got to LEM on normal match making.

Damn i havent played in probably a year. I was always around LEM in matchmaking. Friends were globals even after updates. They still play im sure. We all have been a part of esea since 1.6 was around. I believe i was around a B+ on esea? Not exactly sure, it has been a long time. Man, i miss the good ole cs days. So many hours were sunk into that game. So many cool people i met at different tournaments. I still have connections with some guys who set up the dreamhack booths and stuff

i was playing the very first expansions of CS from half life. i played up until source and then didnt play again until about 8 months ago. im still re-learning as i go.

ive only been as high as nova 4 in matchmaking. esea is a bit tougher..

viorage - Jhay is an elite gamer
Dang that just reminded me why i stopped playing games with OGers lol. I dont care anymore it was a long time ago but I believe at the time i was either DMG or LE or LEM playing with a bunch of silver/gold star OGers. I was drunk and really stoned late at night. I couldnt carry hard enough so they all proceeded to tell me im trash and i got carried to my rank etc etc. I got alot of shit for that.

Ill admit, i do remember some of the guys having more frags than me but the chemistry was aweful. They would all be piled up and refuse to peak a corner or make a move until i did so first. I was always initiating. If i didnt move, wed literally sit in tuns for an entire round. So i eventually said fuck it and just started rushing everything because i had a team of cowards that hid behind me doing nothing until i ran out there alone and died and then got bitched at for not killing anyone. Lol.

Fun tines. Fun times.

After that i played more with my main squad and wrecked LEM's and higher. Its nice when you actually have a team with you

Gn2 here,  haven't played a ranked match in so long, probably be silver again. 

Yeah idk man some people get too serious with some games. Ill admit i was like them once. Jhay is a good dude we just had a silly clashing in the past over what I described above. I dont even know how hes related to that story or if he was actually in that game with us, but i remember us clashing heads for a while about csgo after that.

There were a few other csgo guys that were high ranked in that thread a long time ago too. A few of us have been around the competitive CS scene for years, since before csgo was even a thought. I think jay was telling me ive never competed in a big tournament or something. His reasoning was because he played in MLG in CoD on playstation or some shit like that. I probably called him gay for that which spiraled our argument lol. Apparently its unbelievable that someone could play in the same tournaments as some of these more well known counter strike stars. Hell, i still have some guys from the original coL on my steam friends list. These guys played on fr0d's team during their prime. Weve all played together for years. I eventually just got tired of trying to "prove myself" to these guys who just kept giving me shit because i didnt meet their expectations during the one game we played while i was zooted out of my mind lol.

My posts are probably a mess. Im remembering more and more as i type

i have one on my friends list whos an oger and pretty high ranked but i forget who. 

i just joined esea to play on "better servers" and deal w less cheats. i only did 1 month to check it out.

clutch we hashed that shit out long go homie, we good

been a fuckin minute since i played cs though, amazing game

I played a few rounds last night on steam. It ranked me at silver elite master. Fucking gay. From LEM to SEM

I've been playing cs since 2000. Y'all are some harcore nerds.

Jhay -

clutch we hashed that shit out long go homie, we good

Wasnt sure if we ever did or not lol, it was so long ago i cant remember all of it. I aint worried about it, shit happens and people talk shit. Thread just brought back some memories i forgot about haha

SergesBeefyHopeFlaps - I played a few rounds last night on steam. It ranked me at silver elite master. Fucking gay. From LEM to SEM

yup happend to me the first time I made GN.  Didnt play ranked for a while, went to play a ranked with a buddy, my rank was gone.  We ended up winning that match and it still ranked me SEM.  I was choked lol