CS Lewis on Hell (for Prof)


No I think people would make the choice that would mean the miseries of hell because the idea of repenting is too much to swallow.

You really should give The Great Divorce  a read.  Its an interesting fictional story on its own.  Its about a bus ride out of hell to the edge of heaven.  The reason it is pertinent is because I think it does an excellent job of explaining how people might choose misery over joy because the way to joy means renouncing some part of themselves.  I mean Jesus was clear that only those who are willing to die to themselves will have new life in him.  Its not as simple as saying here is paradise and here is hell so which do you choose.  The way to paradise for a fallen person is a path of repentance and submission to death of the old person.  So what I am saying is that people would rather stay miserable than submit to that.

Is a completely warped and evil person actually guaranteed to be miserable in hell though? I mean if we make our own hell?


I guess that depends on the circumstances but I don't believe that hell is just a person being left to their own devices.  I believe in the Orthodox view so God is definitely a part of the torment for those in hell.

Even if I didn't believe in that though I could conceive of other ways that a person could make their own hell.  If they were totally isolated I think that would be intolerable for most people who didn't have regular communion with God.  If they were left with no body to get out of themselves for awhile then their own minds would be like being buried alive (like Lewis points out above). 

If hell was a communal place but only filled with fallen men and fallen angels I can definitely conceive of how that would be pure hell for all but the strongest and mankind is not going to be close to the top of the pecking order. 

I can imagine hell to be living an evil life and knowing your every thought and desire was known in full graphic detail by God.


What is hinted at in the Final Judgement is that every person's heart will be laid open for all to see and there will be no more secrets.