Is anybody from here playing this? I'm on the L.A. or Sanfran servers as Cimmerian. I'm pretty noob, but I usually get at leasst par. Anybody want to play leave your name I'll look ya up, when I'm on.

I play every now and then. My name is "east" but I'm usually playing on the East Coast servers. 

I usually get pretty good scores 3 kills to 1 death type ratios...but thats cuz I play against nooobs.

i got CS:CZ and don't like it at all... it actually sucks. I don't see why you guys were always playing that crap.. Socom II PS2 absolutely blows it out of the water.

is this CS:Source any good?

It's awesome, fast, skill based, looks great.

I sucked at first, constantly getting crushed, yelled at when i couldn't defuse the bomb, called a camper an awpwhore, etc lol, after a month of play i can say Im at least an asset to my team if not 1337.

The problem with CS is that it has become TOO skill-based. The only servers you can find anymore are rammed full of people that practically play the game as sport. The level of competition is immense. Good luck doing well in that.

I hope the mechanics of Source have altered it enough to even out the skill levels a bit, or at least give the pros some new stuff to learn.

CS: Source strikes me as being easier for those with preexisting skills.

I feel like my aim is better, I can get hit group together shots more accurately and easily now. However, my framerate kinda sucks so I am being held down by my hardware. Occasionally, my computer will freeze when I see an opponent.

Well, like i said, I've never played straight CS, and I'm holding my own a month later. When you get a well organized bunch of guys on the other side, then it's no fun at all, but as of now there are lots of servers with a good skill spread.

i do feela little sorry for the rank beginners though, no fun getting ganked when you never even see the opponent.

Just to get a non GTA thread in circulation, I now play as Oni, and occasionally I own.

I'm back to Cimmerian now as somebody swiped oni.

GTA still needs to drop off the board.