CSAC allows me on playground....

Compete honestly.

Oh, I'll give it my best. Alex may not lay down as easy as the Cannon.

Oh, I'll give it my best. Alex may not lay down as easy as the Cannon.


Who are you and what were you suspended for? No disrespect intended I'm just dim.

Dude.. that's awesome.. I thought you were going back to Australia..

this shaping up to be good for the Razorclaws..

Brian Ebersole fights for Frank Shamrock's Razorclaws in the IFL.

Brian has been the team captain for Frank's teams.. and was supposed to be part of the first season of the Razorclaws but got suspended in part to California's athletic commission inexperience.

He did a cartwheel pass which they took to be a fake move.. hence believing that him and Ritch were in just putting on a show.. the CSAC is still being run by boxing guys who have no idea regarding the ground game.

and when Brian had taken his back and flattened Ritch out.. Ritch tapped quickly complaining of back pain.. even before Brian could sink in a rear naked choke or threw some solid punches on him..

the mistake was in fighting Ritch.. Ritch would rather tap quickly.. get a paycheck.. then go on to the next show..

Brian was expecting a fight.. but Ritch was just thinkg of his saving himself for his next gig.

"Brian, by his own admission, has participated in works before"

I hope this is not true.

No he has not.

Hi CindyO

can you cite your source?

everything I read in regards to this event from FightOpinion.. Sherdog.. from the promoter of the event.. seems to indicate that it was a bad call due in part to CSAC's inexeperience with groundfighting.

I think Ritch is still suspended in CA whereas Brian no longer is..

best of luck.

you did the time,good luck

ttt for brians answer

Yet another reason the Cannon should be blackballed.

please cite your source.

My man Brian is back, kick some ass and good luck to the razorclaws


he also did a work in Juarez, Mexico, confirmed by the promoter. This is not lie and its also listed on Sherdog.com