The CSAC today in Sacramento approved the card for Extreme Wars X2
June 3rd at the Oakland Arena.

John Marsh injured his hip in a training mishap that requires surgery.
Marsh is out of Extreme wars X2 and will be replaced by:
TERRELL DEES, Heavyweight, Training with Dan Black at Cesar Gracies
Dojo in the East Bay. Terrell is training hard to face Carter Williams
and will be ready for Carter. Terrell looks to be in great shape and will
need to be for this battle.

Also Berkeley's Josh Rosenthal, MMA Referee, has been licensed to
Officiate at Extreme Wars X2.

Carter Williams in the cage.

Carter has actually fought mma a few times. he won one fight byb armbar

The card has depth and the matches are just plain brutal. Carter and
Terrell, and the Women's match between Lana Stafanac and Martha
Salazar both look to rock.

K1 on ESPN2 right now, 4 pacific time.

Something tells me that,I just might know who this witchdoctor is.

Anyways... That`s good news about Josh getting licensed by the CSAC.So far,the refs that I have seen off of the Indian reservations are"less than stellar"

Josh is the real deal. Good call Crowbar, If you find out let me know
who i am, save me a lot of money on headshrinking.

I heard Paul Smith bought a ticket for Oakland. heh-heh

Hey which docter is that Terell Dees the one that fought at the Belagio. I also heard from a guy down south that Quinton Jackson is trainning Antonio Mckee and he will be coming to watch his guy kick but,That will be good fight Ronald Jhun against Mckee. I think I will go with Jhun.

childofthecorn, I believe you are correct, there's only one Terrell
Dees on the MMA list. Jhun is a badass for sure but in the cage
anything may happen.

terrel dees is a cool ass dude. Used to shoot the shit with him when he was getting treated at this chiropracter's office.

I've seen a tape of him fighting and he's a tough guy. But, he definitely doesn't have the stand up to stay on his feet with Carter.

I can tell you Terrell is highly motivated and in better condition now
than any of the pictures i've seen on the internet from the past.
Dan Black and Cesar Gracie training him it's a new deal.

sucks i will be stuck at the IFC (cornering guys)

Hey which doctor is their good seats left on the Oakland June 3rd Extreme wars card me and my guys didn't buy tickets yet. Then my friend looked on Ebay
and all these different ticket agencies are scalping
tickets and buying all the good seats. I better buy mine soon before they jack the price up.