CSAC attempts to implement new Testosterone policy

So, Dr. Lemons and Martha the fixer presented their new TUE policy for testosterone usage. Jump to the 2 hour, 22 minute time mark to watch. Dr. Lemons made this statement:

“I think we should be proud of this TUE. The reason, first of all, Martha’s worked very hard on this and I worked very long on this. I’ve tried to get this done for many years. And the reason that I thought it was important to get done was not to license more people on testosterone supplementation in this state. The purpose was to do it properly. Do it right. For the first time in this entire country for one commission to step forward and handle this issue properly. And that’s what I think what you see in this TUE. I hope the Department of Consumer Affairs can support it this time.

There have been past attempts to get a testosterone policy in place. Since there was no policy, the front office was basically giving permission to fighters to use testosterone arbitrarily and without any official legal policy to fall back on. This is why Michael Santiago put a halt to what was going on with the permission slips. He made the right call but hasn’t been around commission meetings any more.

Running out of patience

Dr. Lemons took a jab at Consumer Affairs for a reason in his statement. The last time he attempted to get a policy in place, there was a 45 day open comment period after the introduction of the policy. It was open for public comment. I happened to be one of the few people who wrote a comment and submitted it to Consumer Affairs in opposition of giving permission to fighters for testosterone usage. A staffer read the letter at a CSAC hearing and a big wig fixer in DCA voiced DCA’s official opposition to such a policy. That killed it on the spot.

This time around, Dr. Lemons introduced the testosterone policy and Martha Shen-Urquidez, the lawyer, immediately pressed to get a motion on it at the meeting (a yes/no vote) without public comment. Spencer Walker, the DCA lawyer who was acting as a legal babysitter at the meeting, suddenly & rapidly stepped in to try to put a stop to it. He asked if there were any grammatical errors in the policy and noted that such errors could be “substantive” for enforcement. He told Martha that there needs to be a review of the policy and that it should be put on the February agenda. Walker noted that there needed to be a 45 day period for public comment before a vote.

Martha whispered, “Oh, okay” in the same tone that a kid rejected by their parents for fast food dinner would use.

John Carvelli stepped in and asked for a motion to vote. John Frierson, who was on his game, stepped in and tried to help Spencer Walker out by saying they shouldn’t do a motion here because he didn’t want to vote on something that they would have to rescind later due to legal problems. Carvelli asked for a motion, Dr. Giza seconded it, and all the commission members except Frierson voted yes for the testosterone policy.

Frierson tried to stop the insanity because he knew trouble was coming. In an exasperated tone, Martha remarked: “I must have read (this policy) 50 times.”