CSAC enters final stage in executive officer hunt

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                                CSAC enters final stage in executive officer hunt

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Four candidates remain in the hunt to become the next permanent executive officer of the California State Athletic Commission, a position that has remained in flux since Armando Garcia resigned on Nov. 11, 2008, amid allegations of improprieties.

In closed-door meetings Monday, commissioners and officials from the Department of Consumer Affairs met with the four remaining applicants for their final interviews before one is recommended to the DCA.

The prospective candidates are: Scott Schwartz, a CSAC inspector since 1997; George Dodd, who works in Washington State at the Department of Licensing, Professional Athletics; David Finger, a district attorney working in the Southeastern portion of New Mexico; and Sacramento-based Bryan McKrell, vice president of CBG Commercial Real Estate Industry.

A decision on the new Executive Officer could take up to 30 days. California is among the most active states in the U.S. for mixed martial arts and boxing events.

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I vote for Mr. Thompson.

mose - There should be only one candidate - Nick Lembo. Pay him whatever it takes to uproot his family, move cross country, and restore integrity to CSAC.

 Sorry you can't have him, Northeast needs him :-)

Ben Bernanke is the only reasonable choice here.