CSAC Judges are not qualified to judge MMA


Cecil Peoples is a fucking moron and knows absolutely shit about MMA. The End.

You're right. It's too bad Shogun's record has this defecation of the Machida loss on it when he fucking beat him. Even if he KOs Machida in the rematch, there's still a fucking loss that should not be there. This NEEDS to be reversed and an immediate rematch does not fucking solve this.

Shogun trained his ass off for the fight of his life and gets victory swept out from under his legs by 3 DIPSHIT judges, which all have no clear competency to score fights other than political affiliations. How can a Karate master in Cecil Peoples be expected to judge a fight with a Kareteka in Machida fighting in it without being biased?

Fuck those 3 judges and I hope they get judged wrongly some day and see how they fucking like it.

Fucks up fighters' lives and careers, absolute bullshit.