CSAC names new Chief Exec


Taking our commissioner. He will be missed. Phone Post

Well, he can probably improve upon his predecessor... Phone Post



Did Dodd go to work for Station Casinos?

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Did Dodd go to work for Station Casinos?



He's a man of unconditional integrity and will definitely turn the CSAC around. Congratulations Andy! Well deserved! Phone Post

If that`s true,he might not last long.There are powerful forces within the "good ol` boy" network.

very awesome news. Andy is a great guy, very smart, and a great regulator. I'm excited to see someone with a serious MMA background moving into a prominent role in regulation.  Hopefully he can clean up the mess that is the CSAC.

Awesome awesome awesome news for MMA in California.

Great to hear. Phone Post

Maybe he is working with Armando Garcia in Security at the Station Casinos.  What a joke!  We are just a little less corrupt than Mexico.  JUST A LITTLE!

People should be more excited about this.

Very Cool!!!

Now if only New York can hire a guy like that. 


I'm excited? I get to smoke pot, now?

Its a good step in the right direction but the CSAC is not going to have a large impact on UFC events.

Too bad it wasn't the NSAC. Phone Post

Seems to be unanimously heralded on the UG, so I guess I can get behind this one. Great to hear he has a background in mma. And especially glad he is in CA since the commission has a lot of clout and influence to the rest of the commissions.

Wow, he has amazing credentials; more people should be excited about this. 


congrats guys to andy, hes a great guy and knows combat sports

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People should be more excited about this.

Good to see you posting Todd, hope all is going well

Andy is from my hometown.  Congratulations Andy!!