CT School on the move

Royce Gracie Jiu Jitsu of Gretaer New Haven is on the move...
Our new location has double the mat space, showers and changing area. We are now right in the heart of downtown New Haven!!!
Located at: CT AIKIKI
1227 Chapel St New Haven CT.
Class Times Mon/Wed 8:00PM

Check out our Website: www.gracie-jiu-jitsu.com

if you're in the area...check us out.

Congrats and good luck in your new location!!

Thanks Rick...

If I trained in New Haven. I would eat Modern Apizza after training every day.

True...It's a good eating town. We've got Falafel, Indian, Thai and Pizza within 500 Ft of the school.
FMD...Fat Mans Delight.

Hey Brad its Dor

Congrats on new (bigger)place, your not across from Mia's are you??

Any word on doing a mat fee thing?

Hey man- Thanks.
We are at 1227 Chapel. Corner of Chapel and Howe.
Thanks the place is really nice and starting to build in terms of students. Hopefully we'll see you soon-B

go teaam sideburns!!
I want one of those patches man. I got to come check out your place down there one of these days.
FYI for those that live near by Brad is a great guy and slick as hell on the mat.

so are you jay.......

J- Thanks man...But I think you are the one handing out the ass kickings on the regular. I'll bring you a patch this week-B

the ankle lock king has spoken!