CU in QLD?

I'm heading up to the Gold Coast on Saturday for a week on account of it being my first wedding anniversary.

Being a joyful time for all involved, I thought I'd share some of my love and bring my gi along for the ride - the wife has already given me the thumbs up for at least one session whilst jaunting around the State, which is very considerate of her (actually it probably has something to do with the fact that I'm seeing her, sorry "our" relatives without kicking up too much of a stink).

So I've already been in touch with Mr Eales in Bris who tells me that there is a mat ready and waiting for my arrival... he also mentioned the likes of Playboy, Cobras and McGoo who would all be more than willing of laying some smack-down on a married man (or did he say "any man"?).

Any other clubs etc that run BJJ classes bw the Gold Coast and Brisbane who'd care to entertain me?

you're saying i wouldn't be enough for you? :p ...what else has eales had to say?

"Don't worry about you bung arm, you'll hardly need it as I regularly appoint Playboy my mat-bitch..."

And other such things I dare not repeat!

dutch just conider yourself lucky that i turned up in a suit and couldnt roll!!!!!!!! :)

good to put a face to peoples name!!!

I just love the reaction when someone says "This is cobras"

it is usualy followed by "Ohhh your cobras" and a facial expression like you had just eaten a sour warhead!!!!

You'll be more than welcome to roll at PUMMA on the Gold Coast,...just call Vince Perry on 0438353349. He's supper cool!

  • Juggs

Bloody nice gym you guys have got in Brisbane - airy, BIG, kind of nice smelling... my wife even suggested we move to QLD so we could train there!

Thanks for letting me have a roll with you guys, especially making an effort to turn up and say hi during the middle of the day like that. Some good skills and friendly people: what more would you need?

I also trained with Jason Roebig from AxisJiu-Jitsu Academy @ the Gold Coast one night: a new gym with a pretty impressive mat area + Jason certainly seemed like a good instructor (if the way his white belts were able to beat me up is any measure!).

Thanks all and hope that you catch up with me when you're looking for a roll down South sometime.

Jason B

whooops, missed this one...

nice to have you along, and thanks for the great roll... congrats too on marrying such a clever woman! :)

will catch up again I'm sure in the (hopefully) not too distant future.