Cub Swanson "Beautiful Destruction" S.M.S Prod.HD

Lil somethin somethin I put together yay or Nay?

Only one I can remember is micah miller and mackens seminzar ( african american dude in first fight of hl)

Right on, man...great work...
I was recently searching for Cub Swanson footage, and couldn't find much that was up-to-date...this dude probably has the most impressive highlight reel of any fighter across their last five fights...
And, it almost goes without saying that La Roux is a rather nice touch.

Thanks mate

VTFU. One of my favorite fighters. Excellent song choice and production. Hope he gets a title shot soon. Phone Post 3.0

Thanks pete

Great vid. Cub is the man. Voted up. Phone Post 3.0

Thank you sir

Very nice!! Spoke to cub recently, he told me he has been lurking the UG for several years. I'm sure he will see it. Phone Post 3.0

Super talented. I'm a fan.

You did a great job on that. VTFU

What a sick highlight and what an amazing fighter, VU fren.

That was an awesome video. Very well done. Phone Post 3.0

Awesome, love watching cub fight, big fan.

Thanks for the video

Thank you


Amazing highlight! Cub was so impressive in his last fight. Thought Siver would be too solid on the feet for him but man was I wrong. He has some serious intensity in the cage and really likes to get in there and go for the kill. And that throw was a thing of beauty. Stuffs the takedown BJ Penn style hopping around on one leg, and then sends Siver sailing through the air. Would love to see him get a title shot I think he earned it with that performance.


EXCELLENT ! Phone Post




Cub is a KILLER