one box of 25 habana montecristo no.2's and three bottles of Havana Club reserva rum (best rum eva!!)....

only $97 bucks!!

happy times ahead!!

btw, i wouldn't mind trading for a padron 64 or 26 if anyone is interested?

You know the Don is down. But, 1st a pregunta. From where did these precious flowers come?

There is no cigar better on the planet than a proper Monty Deus. Nada.

But not the mother lode. I smuggled in a box Hoyo Double Coronas, a box of Partagas Lusitanias, half a box of TRinidads and 20 Jose Piedras. And a bottle of 12 year-old Cuban Rum. I have video of my best-friend retelling the story.


Il Don

"From where did these precious flowers come?"

the central american paradise known as costa ricca is where this trove of cuban delights came from....

have you ever had havana club rum(the 7 year old dark stuff)? its soooo good that it would be a sin to allow any mixer, other than a mint leaf and perhaps an ice cube to touch it. it must be the MC2 of rums. a few of those and a MC2....can it get any better?

Not unless something with D cups pours the rum and lights your cigar.

I have 2 bottles of the dark right now and 1 of the 12yo.

I have no 2's right now, but I do have some A's. I may just have to fire 1 up and enjoy it with a Cuba Libre.

cuba libre = rum and coke?

plus crushed ice, and a splash of lime. Noga Noga makes the best eva. You gotta make 1 of the Don's tourney.

i'm having a couple of people over tonight and serving my new version of the cuba libre (along with a MC2 for who ever wants one). i changed it a bit and added a sprig of mint and a wedge of fresh cut pineapple along with the lime....its so good you can feel the oppressive boot of communism with each sip. life is good.

i don't now if you guys could deal with my overwhelming poker prowess....

The Don is pleased