Cub's 2004 Lineup?

I know ericcatfish already commented on the Cubs acquiring Derek Lee - but I'm wondering what you think of the potential Cubs lineup next year? Could look something like this:

Lofton/Patterson (I hope Lofton stays as the 4th OF)






Gonzalez (Could be someone else?)



There is the obvious lack of a lefty in the middle, but besides that this is a lineup that will generate a LOT more runs than they did last year.

On paper the Cubs are the class of the NL right now IMO.

I wouldn't say they'll generate "A LOT" more runs, they only added Lee, and they'll get a full season from Ramirez. It's definitely an upgrade though.

I say the Cubs score like crazy this year, get 20 wins from Prior and Wood, get 12-15 wins from Matt Clement and Zambrano. All this leads to October baseball once again in Chicago...


As long as everyone stays healthy, they'll be in great shape. Patterson is going to produce a lot of runs for them if he stays healthy this year. He was just coming into his own last year when he went down. Lee and Ramirez will provide some pop in addition to Sosa and hopefully Grudzielanek and Alou can keep their averages up around .300. The obvious key though is the health of the pitching staff. If they can get a full season out of Wood, Prior, Zambrano, Clement, with minimal injuries, they will be in great shape.

i just saw they picked up Latroy Hawkins from the twins!! this is a huge boost for their bullpen.

There has been more talk lately of getting Maddux to end his career where he started it.

How awesome would it be for Maddux to tutor Prior, Zambrano, & Wood for a couple of years?

The Cubs should go after Kazuo Matsui...

Cubs should have gone after him Lil Matsui big time... Matsui would have been great as a lead off hitter and probably been a major upgrade at shortstop... damn shame.

The Cubs freed up about $23 million and should pick up a big star pretty quick here.
Unloaded Alfonseca(4 or 5 mill), Karros(8 million) Womack (5 or 6 million) Lofton( 1 mill) and others...


They will use a lot of that $ to sign Lee & Wood long term.

*crosses fingers*

Miller was just sent to Oakland