Cubs Soap Opera - Episode 2

Cubdom wanted to live in 1998 forever, but unless you're Michael Jordan or Walter Payton, time sabotages the grand plan.

Jay Mariotti is a fucking douchebag.

Knowing him and the Tribune company, they are probably going to find some way to blame Sammy's deterioration on Jerry Reinsdorf.

LOL - Sometimes I like Marriotti, sometimes I completely disagree with him.

In the case of the current Sosa situation, I happen to agree with him.

Good piece, pretty much sums up my thoughts. Mariotti needs to be take with a grain of salt (or ten), but the fact is that the Cubs are not going to want to pay him that much money to repeat his performance of this year. They're better off trading him and eating half of that $35 million, IMO, so long as they get a replacement who can hit his weight and play at least average defense.

Don't worry, if Sammy does get moved, Jay's first article we be about how it was horrible of Dusty and the Trib to run Sammy out of town.


HAHAHA, Corky plans on filing a grievance with the union over the $87K fine the Cubs gave him for the game he skipped. Seems pretty fair to me, no play no pay. But I guess Sammy feels he deserves almost 90 grand to show up, clean out his locker, and go home. They may have trouble unloading him, he's looking less and less attractive to potential suitors as time goes on here.

Every year Cub fans want to put put the blame on someone for their failures.It seems like Sosa is the chosen one this year.I dont agree with what Sosa did, but he has been in the doghouse all year.Im sure someone will pick him up.

shadetree - IMO every year every team except 1 has to look at itself and put some blame somewhere. Sammy is as deserving as anybody on the Cubs.

Has anybody noticed that the 2 best seasons the Cubs have had in 10 years were 2 of Sammy's worst?

Pat - excellent point. '98 would be an exception.

Sammy is not a "team" guy. He longs to be the man, and has been (deservedly so). But when the man makes $16 million and hits .255 while striking out and not moving runners along, he's gotta take some heat.

I can think of a lot of ways to spend that $$$ on a guy who has an OBP above .330.

"It needs to be addressed, if he's back next year in spring training. I personally feel like everybody does need an apology because that's not a team move."

Mark Prior on Sammy Sosa

theyd be better moving him and getting quality guys for him

From the above quote it sounds like Mark Prior may be stepping up to take over the leadership of that ballclub.

From other things I've read Prior is already, and has been, the vocal leader in the clubhouse.

He's the teams rep for the union. He's 24.