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Prostitute wife of Met police officer is allowed to carry on working as a call girl after he told bosses about her £130-an-hour role as an escort 


  • Sex worker Sarah Jane Frost, 30, married PC Scott Frost, 41, in August 2015
  • PC Frost, from Kent, told bosses at the Metropolitan Police about her occupation
  • The force did not raise any objections and said he was 'right' to let them know

The wife of a police officer has been given the green light to carry on working as a hooker after he told his bosses about her profession.   

Sarah Jane Frost, 30, who describes herself as 'busty, fun and curvy' online, has been advertising her services on an adult website for more than three years. 

She travels across the country and charges up to £130 for a sex session which lasts one hour.

Her husband, PC Scott Frost, 41, even told his bosses at the Metropolitan Police and claims they have given her the green light to continue working. 

Mrs Frost, who now lives in Kent after moving from Lancashire, said that her friends and family members are fully aware about her occupation, reports The Sunday People. 

On the website, she wrote: 'I'm SarahJane, from "Up North" but now living in the bright lights down south. I'm fun and friendly.

'Being spoiled makes me weak at the knees and a good shopping trip and being taken for a nice meal is always a turn on - heehee.

'If you (would) like to book me please send me a booking request on the booking request page or no meet.'...............





What dept allows beards as a grooming standard 

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What dept allows beards as a grooming standard 

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