Cujo put on waivers!

The Detroit Red Wings placed goaltender Curtis Joseph on waivers on Wednesday. Should he clear, the Red Wings will have the option of sending him to the minors.

Joseph went unclaimed in the Oct. 3 waiver draft with no other team willing to take on his $8 million salary. Joseph also had yet to play a game after undergoing offseason ankle surgery.

Since then, he's played in five games for the Wings, posting a .885 save percentage with a 2-3 record.

If a team claims Joseph by noon ET Friday, it will assume the remaining portion of his two-year, $16-million contract. If the rest of the NHL passes on him, the Red Wings will continue to have a messy situation in goal, and may send Joseph to the minors.

Joseph signed with Detroit before the 2002-03 season to improve his chances of winning his first Stanley Cup after playing 13 seasons with St. Louis, Edmonton and Toronto.

He had a 2.08 goals-against average in the first round of the playoffs as the Red Wings were eliminated by Anaheim. That followed an inconsistent regular season in which he won 15 of his last 19 regular-season games to finish 34-19-6.

After Dominik Hasek ended his one-year retirement in July, Detroit has tried several times to get rid of Joseph.

The Red Wings have played this season with Hasek, Joseph and Manny Legace, one of the league's top backup goalies, on the roster.


Nobody's gonna take him i'd expect.Anyone who wants him will want Detroit to eat some of his salary.The funny thing is that most teams have good enough goaltending to not take a risk on such a high priced guy, even though one extra playoff home game would probably pay for him.I can only see a team like the Rangers taking the risk and eating the salary.Hell who knows maybe they'll even pick him up off waivers?

We'll clear waivers, again.

Time to give the job to Manny.


cujo isn't going any where but to grand rapids...16 million dollars worth of Goal tending and they have someone they don't want, someone who is washed up, and a back up who will make a good starter

oh yeah and just to start some shit, Roy is better than all three of those guys put together

"oh yeah and just to start some shit, Roy is better than all three of those guys put together"

you mean while he sits on his couch watching tv?

Hasek's been a disappointment for the Mooseknuckle so far.

too much for anyone to sign him. Detroit is going to have to eat a big loss this year and next os someone is even going to think about picking him up

Yes spank Roy is better even sitting on his couch eating cheatoes watching Jiggy and Turco fall to peices

stanley cups, Roy - 4, Detroits Goalies - 1 (as a starter)

Well he isn't at the top of any current stats this year if it's any hint.

Also: Patrick Roy, Stanley Cups as a Montreal Canadien - 2..Keep in mind that he'll always be remembered as a Hab first and foremost.

Cujo called back up because of injuries to BOTH Hasek and Legace.

the Habs? you mean that shithole franchise he carried that he vowed never to play again for. Roy will ware an avalanche jeresy into the hall of fame.

lol@shithole franchise...Let me be clear, i am in no way a fan of the Habs but they are probably THE premier franchise in the NHL, with a history the Avs will only ever be able to dream about. 24 Stanley Cups, more than double next in line.

Patrick Roy being a baby can't belittle that in any way.