Culinary Union Question

Anti-tipping would not help. The waitress and house keeper have nothing to do with anything and should not be forced to have their families suffer due to less income they got used to counted on. Phone Post

Kneeblock - 
CombatIns - Considering how they harass the UFC, why is there not something Zuffa can do in the court system to get that mob to back off. Also, why are the members of that union not raising hell over how their funds are being spent? Phone Post

Maybe because Station's culinary workers want to unionize. Phone Post

Source? Thanks.



JetSetter - If everyone would stop tipping the workers and leave them notes saying that their tip is going to the UFC to defend against their union attacks it would get some attention!! Phone Post 3.0

Would be cool to see folks write that on the charge slip so it'll make the social media rounds like the other reciepts did in the news recently=)