Cumberbatch and Hardy top shortlist for Dr Strange

Would be happy w either especially Cumberbatch who could smash this and was my original suggestion Phone Post 3.0

Tom hardy would be bitching Phone Post 3.0

F it bring Martin Freeman as a sidekick to Cumberbatch's Strange. And if Hardy, he should use the Bane voice for the entire movie. Do you feel in charge?

If Hardy did it he'd do something new hes got a huge range it would be very weird and cool. Cumberbatch could nail it too as a serious surgeon turned mystical magician. Its exciting times Phone Post 3.0

Cumberbatch would be phenomenal Phone Post 3.0

Of the two id prefer to see Hardy.

Like RDUK said, I imagine he would do something pretty different.

I like that guy. Phone Post 3.0

Cumberbatch would be ideal. He is the better actor.

That nerdy Khan like surgeon. Oh yeah.

I feel like I've seen all of Cumberbatchs range.

He's very similar in his roles. With Hardy I feel like we might get something completely new.

Hardy seems to have greater range than Benedict. In fact, if you asked me who was the better actor, it would be a Hardy. Undoubtedly.

Bronson, Inception guy, Bane, and even Hardy in Warrior were pretty different roles.

his Bane was incredible. Not even showing his face, he was able to own that role with body language. Benedict hasn't show this type of range.

Hardys Strange could be absolutely inspired. he could own it like Downey.

I think he is the superior choice. Phone Post 3.0

This is #1 bullshit.

Hardy is an incredible actor, but so is Cumberbatch, honestly I would be happy with either one.

Aidan Gillen is my choice.

Saiga12 - 

Aidan Gillen is my choice.

was going to "meh", but actually not a bad call!

Gotta go with cumberbatch Phone Post 3.0

viggo mortensen

Cumberbatch would be siiiiiick

boooooom..6th june..sometimes the rumours dont lie..SO PSYCHED!!!!!

Another goldmine hit by marvel Phone Post 3.0

cumberbatch knocks this out of the park

he already has the demeanor for it, plus the voice