Cummo wrong about pee ?


"he says the better you take care of yourself the more beneficial ur urine would be"


actually its the other way around.  the more sick you are the more you need your urine, the less sick you are the less you need your urine.  everyone has heard that peeing on your feet cures athletes foot.  when you ingest fresh urine it has the same effect inside your intestines.  urine attacks harmful microorganisms and supports the healthy ones in your gut.


Someone who eats a diet high in animal products shouldn't drink their urine because the excessive protein causes more urea than should be there.  someone who starts urine therapy might notice a laxative effect, but this is a good thing.  Urine educates the body.  it gives elements like hormones and minerals another chance at getting where they're supposed to go.


I only recommend things that have benefitted me personally.  I am speaking from experience.  i welcome anyone who has had other experiences with urine therapy to add to the thread.  anyone else is merely speculating based on preconceptions that they have.   Only drink your own urine.

everyone has heard that peeing on your feet cures athletes foot....

to be more clear, the person who popularized this unverified claim was the highly respected scientist MADONNA. 


when you ingest fresh urine it has the same effect inside your intestines.  urine attacks harmful microorganisms and supports the healthy ones in your gut.

do you have any supporting evidence for this statement?

Luke - I know you've mentioned you will drink your urine on fight day until you "are empty." Can you talk a little more about that and how you feel that benefits you?

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I drank my old ladies urine once in the shower.

Anyone want to see a video?

Luke just TKO'd this thread.

"i think i remember seeing a show where they take male urine, dehydrate it and mix it with starch and water to make testosterone pills"

Do they pay people to mail in their urine, because I'd be all over that.

How does one get started in this profession?

The average doctor may know more about this than the average fighter but Luke has spent a whole lot more time reading up on the subject than either the average doctor or the average fighter.

I'm not saying he's right, but I'd be willing to bet Luke has read way more on the topic than the average doctor and probably with more of an open mind.

The Surgeon General himself would have to proclaim that drinking urine replaces lost hair follicles, promotes immediate fat loss, adds 10 pounds of muscle, increases penis size (length and girth), and permanently wards off all forms of cancer before I would drink it--and then I'd still mix it with kool-aid!

untill Xyienece makes a piss product i just wont believe it

Luke is probably trolling in an attempt to get poor fools to drink their own urine. Then when they come on here talking about it he will encourage them, when really he is laughing his ass off at them.

Lots of "alternative medicine" works for people and is usually disregarded by the medical community. Drinking urine is free....Big Pharma and all the MDs can't make money on that, so why would the support it. Kinda like weed! :)

LOL @ "Only drink your own urine."

Sad that you had to add that!


I eat my own faeces before a fight.
True story.


You never drink urine when you are dehydrated.  You can save it and pour it on yourself to cool off, but don't drink it.  If you've eaten too many pepperettes, go to the fridge and get a drink of water.

p.s. start your goddamn blog again please

Wrong? I don't know, but i do know it's perverted.

"I eat my own faeces before a fight. True story."

And you spell it with a Greek flair, to make it kinkier.

Okay people, remeber one thing, Luke is a fighter, he has no knowledge or education in the health field. Urine, much like its components is non specific, it doesnt target "good" or "bad" microogranisms. Urea, which is the active ingredient which fights athletes foot, is far less concentrated in urine than the atheltes foot products have, so if you have athletes foot, just get the cream, don't go pissing on your feet all the time. Second, like was mentioned above, you're body filters its blood, it takes out the WASTE products (ie. things that are harmful/toxic to your body) and excretes it via urination. Now this contains, generally, the derivatives/waste product of good, components. The human body does not make any enzymes to convert these waste products back into good products, or else we would never excrete them in the first place. Now what happens when you drink pee, well it will go through your stomach, absorbed by the small intestine, if absorbed at all ( in which case it becomes feces) and goes into the blood, where now the concentration of wastes is even higher since you just ingested a whole bunch, and now you're kidneys (and liver) have to work, once again, even harder to filter out the increased concentration of waste products. Now why the hell would anyone drink their piss!! Next people are gonna claim in gives your SOUL a boost, why don't we just say it boosts up your MANA by 5 points. FU@# PEOPLE ARE STUPID!

He just called Luke Cummo stupid!!! ^