Cung Le Challenges Chinese Cha....

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"Cung Le, the foremost Sanshou exponent of the US formally challenged the Sanda King of Kings, Liu Hailong to a fair fight as we have all been waiting for.

*Incidentally, Cung Le, the Master of Sanshou from the US came to Beijing along with the IKF team to observe the fights upon invitation. After all the bouts have ended, the already roused Cung Le issued a formal challenge to Liu Hailong, who is undeniably the best in China. But at 31, Cung Le is much older than Liu, and thus does not have much time left to fight. However, both of them are around 80kg, and both fighters are at their peak right now. This is the best time for the Sanda King of China and the Sanshou Master of the US to have their long awaited clash and finally determine who is the strongest in the world. Cung Le hoped that the Chinese side would show some action and plan something along this line soon. Will we get to see this anticipated fight next year? Or will the Chinese continueto play mother hen to Liu's "invincible" reputation and deny his destiny to meet Cung Le? Only time will tell; meanwhile let us roar!"

that would be awesome

Old Crane (the website author) implies Liu is protected but Cung Le is not ? LOL.. Liu has fought and won an open weight tourney (at a weight of 76kg), beat a Thai boxer, beat a fellow King of Sanda, and an IKF champ. Who has Cung fought lately ?

That's just it NG. There isn't really anyone left in the states to challenge him.

Incidentally, when i trained at a Sanda gym in China a few years ago, nobody had even heard of Cung Le

I bet that Brent Hamby, head of Oakland Sanshou, would be a match for Cung Le. Too bad he doesn't want to compete at the moment. If you look at the rankings for the men's amateur division: will notice that there are at least 6 guys from Oakland on that list. And I can assure you that Brent can easily handle any one of them, even the 2 of them that outweight him. I have seen it happen at sparring sessions at the school.

I recall an unawnsered challenge from Pete Spratt.

Spratt would be fun to watch.
Cung never fought Brent?
Oakland guys are heavy hitters.

Liu seems more a product of his handlers than any conscious decision to duck fights.

Cung's choice in opponents is all that more frustrating when it seems somewhat similar to the preservation of "undefeated" records that a lot of non-fighting "sifus" were guilty of. A practise which eventually drove a lot of us (san shou guys) away from those more "traditional" kung fu schools.

Here's to hoping he puts on some entertaining fights.

"I bet that Brent Hamby, head of Oakland Sanshou, would be a match for Cung Le. "

I'm going to disagree.

cung is an animal and his conditioning is insane.

Cung vs Spratt would be a great fight, but I think a lot of the nay-sayers would be surprised and see that Cung's throws are very strong indeed

Bull in chinashop, have you seen Brent fight? Do you know of his skills or background?


I'm a sanshou guy (oddly paracticing judo/bjj, but still a san shou guy none the less).

Hey everyone. Pete Spratt will be fighting one of Cung Le's fighter, Rudi Ott at Strike Force in March. I have seen the both of them train (I workout at their gym) and they are animals. I hope Pete doesnt take Rudi lightly, cuz he is a badass. I think it will be a good fight between them two, but honestly Cung Le wouild destroy Spratt in a San Shou match. His throws and takedowns are insane and rarely do you see him getting slammed or thrown. Last year Cung Le demolished Shonie Carter.

I hope that fight with Liu really happens. A few years back in Hawaii, Cung beat the best Chinese San Shou fighter. Now he needs to beat their current best.

Rudi Otti vs Pete Spratt will be an awesome match!

televise this fight!!!!

Sanda allows knees

"what is the difference between san shou and san da?"

it's a bit cloudy LX, but it used to be.

san shou - amateur. no knees, no elbows.

san da - professional. knees, possibly elbows.

but today some amateur san shou matches are having knees.. maybe that makes it amateur san da???

see what I'm saying.. so in reality they're the same thing (training for both includes same). so you just have to see the rules to know what's going to be included..

they have amateur Sanda now

sorry i slept on this thread, san da doesn't use a lei tai, but a ring.

Hey Guyz,

I was in Hawaii in 1999 and saw the Chinese V. USA Fights...They were great...

Do any of u know if there is a Video available for sale, of these Hawaii fights? Or any other good ones?