Cung Le Challenges Chinese Cha....

Ridiculous, Cung Le is challenging Chinese San Da champs... so that's what he's doing when not actively ducking Pete Spratt.... It is a fact that Sven Bean (Pete's management) and Pete have been trying unsuccessfully for ages. Ott was the closest they could come. Le will not take a match with Spratt. Even if Spratt had defeated Ott and publicly called out Cung on TV it would not happen.

Who has he fought that has anything to offer him? I have a fighter who is a future star in the UFC Joe Rigs, and another Drew Fickett, I would put both fighters up against him. I called Scott Cocker about it but lee is to protected. No doubt he is good but will never no how good he is unless he steps up and fights real fighters. P.S, having Amateur fights in Arizona if intrested in kickboxing or NHB e-mail me at

more Cung Le hate, damn, I guess it sucks to see someone get so much exposure and win so much and have them not be in your camp?Az Combat sports, you think Shonnie Carter is a tamato can?Cung Le fighting Shonnie Carter

In 1998 Cung Ko'd Arne Soldwedel (sp?), a Seidokaikan guy who went the distance with Dewey Cooper at a K-1 event and has a pile of other credentialsIn 1999 he beat the Mongolian King who is a San Da championIn Draka, Cung KO'd a former Shootboxing champion, a guy who had won in ThailandYou think your guys are better than these guys?

Feel bad for the dude Cung fought this weekend in K1. Looked like he had an outside shot until the last round when it looked like Cung said "okay, maybe I'll throw now" and made the guy look foolish.

I'd love to see Cung-Spratt happen. Maybe even Cung-Baroni. I think he could get a lot more exposure for the sport if he could make these big fights happen.

Rudi didn't have a cast on his arm in the post fight; but that's not saying much- I broke my arm a year ago (almost exactly) and didn't wear a cast then either.

Waiting anxiously on Marvin Perry-Pizza Boy and training for September. :-D

Pete Spratt doesn't have a chance against Cung Le. He is to small.


sssshhhhhhhhh. all the mma & muay thai groupies don't think cung can win against anybody with a big name. I want them to pick a name and stick with it, so they don't jump the bandwagon whenever Cung crushes 'em. :-P

Seriously though, you'd think Shonie Carter would be enough. If it's not Spratt, it's baroni, if not baroni, it'll be hughes. I'm beginning to think that they're never going to be satisfied until he makes an mma showing. I would just like to see him fight the big names to make some entertaining fights.

The worst thing I'm willing to bet it most of them probable have never even fought MMA and probable never will. They just live in their fantasy worlds.

speaking of fighting; i'm thinking of getting back in the ring sooner instead of later.

i was 187 in new jersey and that's a really unnatural weight for me. it may even be hell for me to get to (& stay around) 198. I'm a natural 220 to 230 pounder; but at 5'10 I have natural reservations about fighting heavyweight. well, i think i'm gonna fight heavy anyway in the next month or 2.

got any last words?

got any last words?conditioning!


Thanks! I'm workin on it. :-D

I'm in the gym anywhere from 10 to 15 hours a week at the moment. After we get back from VA Beach this weekend, that'll go up to the 15 to 20 range.

Doin a lot of high intensity interval training (HIIT) for my cardio.

Suntzu is probably the best one to comment on my endurance as he sees me week in and week out.

I'm big, but I can go alright. I've just been getting back a lot of strength & explosiveness I lost before. Not trying to argue or nothing, just trying to keep any one from assuming that I'm just being lazy.

DaRealPorkChop: Why did you come down so much in weight?


With a nickname like "Pork Chop"; I'm more than a bit self conscious about my weight. A lot of people told me to drop as much as I could to get into the most strategically beneficial weight class. I'm also into surfin & bodyboarding, which is also pretty weight specific (too heavy & the board don't float). Plus the chix dig the skinny guys.

So to accomplish this feat I survived on a diet of dried nuts, dried fruits, and oatmeal for almost 6 months to see how much I could drop.

At the end I was pretty burnt- lethargic and weak.

After gettin KOed; I started eating again, had to take some time off, and had a lot of time to think. I managed not to fall completely out of shape (and am doing pretty well now); but I just couldn't force myself back on the dried nuts, dried fruit, and oatmeal again.

I've been lifting again and taking supplements (to be able to work out more). The results are helping me be comfortable with the idea of me being a 100% me against giant opponents versus a 30% me against smaller, quicker, just as deadly opponents.

Sounds like you are very displined

Nope, but thanks. :-D

With all due respect, heres a thought: with K-1 trying their best at burying Shootboxing, by putting Shootboxing fighters in outmatched fights on the K-1 World Max shows, why not have the top 85kg Shootboxing fighter fight Cung Le. As of 07/22/04, it appeared to have been Nathan Corbet? I think Anderson Silva vs Cung Le would be good also.

Resutudo, I have no idea what you are talking about, the shootboxing guys have done well on K-1 MAX shows, of three on the last show I saw, 2 won!

Furthermore, neither Nathan Corbet or Anderson Silva are shootboxing people?

isnt Corbett the #1 contender on the 80kg+ o the rankings? My katakana isnt great. I think Doi and Ogata lost when i last saw them on the November show, Doi lost, and the last then in February Ogata lost. Both are two of Shootboxing's top draws.

Doi hasn't been doing well, period, he's been in a huge slump. I've seen Daniel Dawson winning consistently, I've seen Ogata winning, I didn't see most recent show, but losing once in a while to top guys, and that is what K-1 Max is, TOP GUYS, is not shame...