Cung Le ever compete in S-Cup or Shootboxing?

I've heard he's undefeated in San Shou and really has no competition in that discipline, but has he ever tried his hand at SHOOTBOXING (standing vale tudo). The rules are very similar to San Shou, but SHOOTBOXING utilizes standing submissions.

San Shou, SHOOTBOXING along with DRAKA are very very similar. And since theres no competition in San Shou and DRAKA (has pretty much died out), I was thinking maybe theres somebody in the range between 175lb-205lb champion thats in SHOOTBOXING that would actually give a challenge to Cung Le.

Any info is good info.?.

Nathan Corbett would kickfuck him

i heard he lost in the world shan shou championships.But as for us he's the best we got.

There is competition for him if he goes back to the World Championships or the Chinese league...

There just wasn't a ton of competition in the US..


"Nathan Corbett would kickfuck him"

How good is he if you think he can beat Cung Le.

He's fought a few times in DRAKA.


Diego is right, Carnage would ruin Cung Le's world under Shootboxing rules.

Almanac, Nathan Corbett is one of the best Muay Thai fighters in the world at that weight, multiple WMC world champ and devestating elbows.