Cung Le is SICK!!

Have you EVER seen a striker like him in MMA?? My god, he is exciting and his feet are out of this world!!

he doesnt have much power imo

He's aight !

im now a fan

Cung Le ain't shit till I see him off the ground. They must be paying these guys to stand with him, cause you'd have to be an imbecile to stand with him.


If he started 5 years earlier could hvae been a champ! Fucking great striking.

Freak has tried to take him down 3 times and Cung has tossed him aside like a rag doll

I havent seen fryklund shoot in for a solid take down yet. I've seen a couple shitty high clinch takedown attempts that were shrugged off.


showing some windage now.... should be a great 3rd round

What's up with all the weak karate kicks?

WAR CUNG!!!!!!!!!!!



He is a great kickboxer but take this kid down to the ground and see what he has. Most people he fights are not going to be as stupid as Frykland. Either they are going to take him down or close the distance for some dirty boxing. Don't crown this kid yet, if he can defend himself from being mounted then he may be something.

le is awesome. damn i never seen so many kicks in a fight ever. why didn't frykland take him down?

"Most people he fights are not going to be as stupid as Frykland."

Obviously, but Cung is also a good wrestler. He's been wrestling since he was 10 and I think he was a state champ or something.

hes really quick. i never doubted him, but many still do here

Frykland was a credible opponent.He tried to shoot on him but couldn't budge his hips at all.

He also tried to pressure him with punches which could work real well too.Le has good footwork and strong hips so until we see a high level wrestler in the cage with Le we're not seeing him on the ground.

Even then his footwork is going to make it tough.He is really good at recovering his base after blown kicks too.

Fun guy to watch and is such a good athlete he's making all of his fights look too easy.

I fought him twice one in K-1 vegas & one in his home town. He's a Tough guy. You won't know until you get one of those kicks to your gut.  I broke his nose with a knee. & he finished me with a K.O. I have much respect for Cung now! Take Care &God Bless! Brian Warren