Cung Le pic


He looks smart!

i feel ROMOs in the midst...

looks like yellow dude from Sin City.

 He definitely doesn't look good sporting the bald look.  He looks like he has encephalitis

Oh no )-:


Few more for Romo material.

penis head, imo.

Am I crazy or was he in Pandorum..?

^^ that was him in Pandorum,, the original pics i have seen a clip from that movie & it looks badass

here i found the clip

well, at least he has a nice nose

wow that was pretty fucking cool, what movie is that?

 He looks like every other asian tv star.  (without the subtitles that is)

bdog7 - here i found the clip

Ugh. Why do they have to ruin great fights with horrible wire fu?


 Anyone who thought that sucked, SUCKS.

Looks like Danny Devito

I see a mild resemblance to Tiger Woods.

blue63 - he reminds me of Goomba from the Mario Bro's movie in this pic:

Why are you comparing Cung Le to Mark Kerr?


LOL, looks like a Ninja Turtle to me.