Cung Le vs Fryklund a work?

Frykland's gameplan: paw, block, eat zany kick, paw, timid leg kick, block, eat flurry, paw, superman punch air, paw, eat kick, paw, spinning backfist air, repeat

Cung Le's gameplan: keep hands low and throw fancy kicks

Was this a work?

lol I just saw the comments on the video thread, I guess I'm not the only one who things so

totally not a work. looked like the same fighter against matt lindland, but cung's kix kept him completely off his game. hard to find training partners w/ the style, power and level of cung's game.

Fryklund continuous attempts at spinning back fists and superman punches absolutely support the notion this was a work. Did it look like he's trying to do something? Yes. Was he really that close to landing any of the effectively? No. Did he telegraph them? Yes. They were just benign, fancy moves that compliment Cung Le's fighting style, thrown to make it look like Fryklund was on the attack. If one happened to land then at least it would have appeased the fans of Cung's B.S. fighting style

Cung Le worked Fryklund like a bitch.

This is what the fight looked like:

This is what the fight should have looked like:

A work of art IMO

Was it a work? lol no.

Was it a good fight? yes.

Did Cung impress me? yes.

Whats next? Time to throw Cung into the mix, I'd love to see Cung Le vs Frank Shamrock for the strap.

It was a perfectly legitimate kickboxing match.

LOL Grimlock2 :)

cung le vs jake shields would be the ultimate test

You guys just can't give Cung a little bit of credit.

There's a reason he's where he's at.

Marcus "grasshopper" Bossett IMO

"Did you see him try to take down Cung Le 3 times but only pushed away when he did?"

I missed this when did these TD attempts occur?

fryklund took down lindland.

I just did and I saw zero attempts. I watched the fight on

"I missed this when did these TD attempts occur?

I remember there being one very half-assed attempt in which Fryklund had an arm around Cung's head but immediately let go, possibly remembering it wasn't part of the deal. No other attempts at even clinching IIRC

Seriously I must be blind, no takedown attempts and something is wrong with my hearing cause the announcers keep mentioning how dumb it is to stand with Cung Le.

Maybe Tony was paid extra to keep in standing, but not a work IMO. Def looked odd though, a GnP guy not once trying to shoot.

providing incentive to shape the course of a fight = work IMO